We are in this business to enhance the lives of our clients, this is what they had to say about our commitment to their success.


“Lisa and I go to Bodyshapers because it’s not some overcrowded gym where people spend more time looking in a mirror or at each other than getting healthy! Rafael is about TOTAL BODY SHAPING, one on one. It’s about getting your physical and mental self engaged and performing at a high level without having the focus on how much weight you put on the bar. It’s a test in endurance and getting truly “fit”. You look good and, even better, you feel good. Because of Bodyshapers we are more fit than ever. We get to challenge ourselves and we notice the results (outside of the gym!). *You may curse him out and wonder where he gets that energy from but by the end of the workout you will be glad you came!”
– Lisa DeBartolo & Don Miggs


“When I first started training with Rafael I had already worked with a few other personal trainers for a good part of the previous five years. I had seen a positive transformation in my body and health and was pleased with the results. I assumed that I was in a maintenance stage and being over 50, that there probably wasn’t much more I could do to improve. But, I was most certainly wrong! After an initial assessment and a few workouts, Rafael immediately identified that my arms and legs were not in proper proportion to my upper body, my core was too weak, and that my cardiovascular fitness level needed improvement. I have now been working with Rafael for nearly a year and have achieved fantastic results. I’ve added lean muscle throughout my body, with the most significant gains in my arms (1 inch) and legs (2-1/2 inches). My stomach and entire core are stronger and tighter and my stamina and cardiovascular fitness level has improved greatly.  At 57, I’m proud to say that I’m in the best shape of my life! There are several things I love about Rafael’s workouts. First, he predominantly uses complex, functional movement exercise circuits, with no heavy weights.  Not only is this method effective, but it also reduces the risk of injury. His workouts are high-energy, with a constant variety, and provided in a dynamic environment. Rafael motivates, teaches, and encourages; yet constantly pushes me to always reach my optimum potential. As I progress, Rafael knows exactly how to adjust the difficulty of the workout to challenge me so that I continue to improve. His vast knowledge and experience would allow him to work successfully with any client’s background or goals.  I would highly recommend Rafael!”
– Scott Summa


“Health and fitness has always been a huge part of my life. Being a runner, I was always signing up for local races, and eventually got into endurance races, competing in multiple marathons and half marathons. I was a complete cardio queen and thought that my body was in great shape! However, despite the fact that I was running multiple miles a day, my body wasn’t changing the way I wanted it to. I was thin, but wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted to see. I had friends in the past (including Abby) who had competed in figure competitions and was in awe of the way their bodies transformed, so I thought why not? I contacted Abby to help me put together a plan. Honestly, the thought of lifting heavier weights, increasing calories, and decreasing cardio completely freaked me out! I was terrified of getting big or gaining weight. With Abby’s guidance, I followed a training program for about 3 months to get my body ready for a competition, bikini division. Abby was amazing at adjusting the program as needed and taught me to trust the process. She helped me understand that results take time, hard work, and dedication. With Abby’s help, I followed the workouts, learned how to eat the right foods to fuel my body, and started to put muscle on. When competition day arrived, my weight was down, I had lost inches, and my body was lean and tight. I would not have been able to make the transformation without Abby’s knowledge, patience, and enthusiasm for the sport. Thanks for helping me trust the process.”
– Angela


“First in my height in open and novice, so happy with it, thank you, Abby, for such a great experience. You are amazing at what you do! Thanks for being my coach and always being there for me.”
– Kara


“In July of 2011 I had undergone a second knee surgery and by late October I began realizing that by mid December I would have to participate in a Physical Training test for the U.S. Air Force. I was totally under prepared for this upcoming test, so after serious debating I decided to look for personal training in Tampa to get me ready for the test. Immediately we sat down to discuss the overall test and what my goals would be in order to pass. Then the fun truly began. We started our program 1 month and 2 weeks before I would take the test. We began with a diet program that would help me trim back the fattiness that had onset with not working out in over a year. He really opened my eyes to what and when I was eating and what fluids I was consuming. That was a major step in my overall performance.

The second step in our personal training program was focusing on the major components so that I could reasonably overcome the test. He started me on a rigorous cardio program and always staying highly cognizant on my prior knee surgery ensuring we never pushed it beyond its limits or re-injured said knee.  He also established an intense muscular program to help me achieve high levels of upper body and abdominal strength. I can honestly say I never worked out so hard in my life and David was right there pushing me along every step of the way. We had a game plan and we stuck to it faithfully. I am proud to say that come test day, I was highly confident in my physical abilities and was able to pass the test with flying colors, even accomplishing more pushups and sit-ups then I had ever accomplished before. Not to mention that I also had lost over 10 pounds and shaved nearly 3 inches off my waist. With the test behind me, I still am using the skills and dietary plan David established, to continue to stay fit and stay healthy.”
– Mike H.


“I worked out with David at Bodyshapers for 7 weeks. Prior to that, I had a different personal trainer for 4 months. The difference in trainers was amazing. Immediately I noticed the workouts were harder and David was pushing me to my limits. We talked about my goals; he devised a game plan to help me achieve them.  At one point I had made a comment to him, “I had never really sweat this much in any other workout” and his reply was “then you weren’t really working out then”. The other major difference I noticed was that David kept it very professional and focused on working out and achieving the results I wanted. With past trainers it seemed a lot of personal issues, conversations that would distract from the workout.

With David that never happened, which I really appreciated and enjoyed. Within the 2 months, there was significant change in my body, I was more tone then I had ever been. More importantly, all of my clothes fit better. David also kept me on track with my diet and we discussed, everything I was putting into my body, to include all foods, liquids, supplements, etc… My eating habits changed dramatically and even after he is no longer with me, I know what and when to eat.  As a matter of fact one of the best parts, being a woman, my female coworkers continue to comment on how great I look, and how much weight I have lost. Overall David is a great trainer and I do not think anyone will ever be able to replace what he did for me as a whole, he is the complete package.”
– Lilly H.





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