AboutBannerBodyshapers By Rafael is a personal training gym designed especially for the individual who wants one-on-one attention to meet their specific goals.

At Bodyshapers we have one goal in mind, to give you more CONFIDENCE! If you’re out of shape and need to lose weight and start working out, you’ll gain muscle tone, strength, stamina, and you’ll feel better emotionally. This will inevitably give your self-image and self-confidence a boost, which is often one of the best motivators to stick to a workout program.

At Bodyshapers, we pay attention to even the smallest of details. When it comes to your body, every muscle is important. Our expert trainers know exactly how to create workout routines that will maximize your body’s own fat burning systems. If you suffer from any health concerns or injuries, you need a trainer you can trust so you can recover effectively and we are trained in physical rehabilitation. Click here to check out our list of programs.

We have 5,000 feet of space, state of the art equipment, and the tools you need for your weight loss and fitness goals. All that is missing is you! Give us a call today at 813-545-8248 and see what we can do for you!

Meet the owner, Rafael Justo.


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